City of Onida

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Founded 1883


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Onida was founded on March 28, 1883 by Charles Agar of New York who chose the name of Onida from his hometown in New York. As of the last census we were a population of 670 people.

Onida is in the middle of central South Dakota surrounded by farm land. The Missouri River is 30 miles west of here with plenty of room for rest, recreation, hunting and fishing.

Onida’s school system is comprised of children from Agar, Blunt and Onida S.D. The High School is the home the Sully Buttes Chargers. The town has 4 churches, a grocery store, post office, hardware store, 2 car dealerships, clinic, Chiropractor, 2 banks, etc. We are a small town with a lot of very nice people.

Photos by: South Dakota State Historical Society, South Dakota Digital Archives (2010-12-17-031, 2020-06-29-317, 2010-01-13-018, 2010-01-14-001, 2020-06-30-303, 2010-01-13-016)